Tested and not too shabby…

I decided to finally plug in each of my A1200’s and A600 and see what happened. They all worked and I now have an A600 with no DF0 drive. 1 stock A1200 and my original A1200 has a 6Gb laptop hard drive in it and a 4GB memory board. My 3 external DF1-3 drives all work including in full daisy chain mode. 

The Amigas were all connected via component video and audio to my LG 17in LCD screen and the games looked good but the WB2 machines WB looked shabby.

I still have other hardware to test like an accelerater card, a Squirrel SCSI interface and CD drive and a ton of discs!

I also bought a few treats for the machines (and me). Amiga Future 121, Amiga to Scart cable using gold contacts and a real 23pin head and Amiga Forever 2016 Premium.

More importantly I played some games. Only a few but a few of my old favourites. 

Hearing the whir and clicks of the Amigas floppy drives definitely installs that Rose tinted feeling. My PS4 is just a matter of less a meter away but these Amigas are all more powerful in my mind. I am genuinely excited to play games on them.

Of course I had to load up the original Lemmings…

Played a few levels of that game and the music blasting it was serious nostalgia..

Then I played this. I broke many joysticks on this game so I switched to a Megadrive controller. What do i have in a drawer nearby? And original Megadrive controller. Time to pick a fast team and beat a slow team. Just for old times. I won 2-1 but the 2nd goal was an OG and my goal was my only shot on target. I need more practice!!!

Then it was time for The Settlers. Couldn’t find my manual for the code unlock so that game lasted about 30secs. 

Finally time to old up the big guns! 1 disc and save space too. This still amazes me how much they got on such a small disc.

Elite II:Frontier 

The music is amazing and the gameplay unrivalled and I am gonna get lost in this game again I’d say.

I even found an old save on the disc…

So that’s my toes firmly dipped back into my Amiga youth and I have so much more fun to have both in terms of hardware and software. 

I’ll sign off with one of my favourites screens for now…


It’s alive!!!

After many years of not hearing that click of the floppy disk drive requesting an Amiga disk be fed to it… It happened tonight!!!

I have just bought an Amiga 500+ with a Philips monitor and games off eBay and glad I did. I haven’t even powered on my A1200’s or A600 yet. That is about to change in the coming days with access to a monitor!!! I really bought this setup for the monitor first but glad the A500+ works.

Time to put the kettle on and play some games. Then I will plan what other Amigas I tackle next.

I never thought I’d blog about many things but my Amiga bug is truly alive and well.

Guess I better stop trawling eBay as I also just bought a regular A500 which may not even turn on. Ah well…👾

The boxes… 2 out of 3 ain’t bad…

I went hunting for my old Amiga boxes and found 2 out of the 3 I know I have.

They are currently acclimatising in my man cave. I have Thursday morning ear marked to start testing what I find inside…

There is a lot of gear I forgot I bought over the years and here is a small taster…

I have 2x 1200’s and 1x 600 and I know I have a 500/500+ in the 3rd box I can’t find (yet). Lots of games and goodies to be unboxed. Soon.

Commodore Amiga… (et al)

It’s been 23 years since I got my first Commodore Amiga 1200. I lived in the UK at the time and my brother and I got the Desktop Dynamite box set for Christmas.


The machine itself was amazing as we had a Commodore 64 for a good few years and moving to floppy disks was so modern! I even programmed a few games in AROS but never kept any of the source code and made a good few tunes on ProTracker which I am going to look to see if I kept those.

The games were the best and most enjoyable I ever played (rose tinted glasses are definitely on here) and the Amiga had plenty of games to keep us occupied. SWOS (all/any version), Cannon Fodder, Worms, Syndicate, Elite 2 are just highlights that I still fondly remember.

As teenagers we never had any real budget to upgrade this machine and like the C64 before it we only replaced the media drive (floppy drive on the Amiga and the external cassette deck on the C64). I also was going to setup my first company selling PD disks via the good Amiga magazines of the time. I never fully went ahead with this plan as I felt it had a limited timeframe. This turned out to be true.

Years later when I got my first real job I started to buy Amigas and old computers off eBay and fix and sell them on. I still have a few of these around and even upgraded the Amiga 1200 with a HDD 6GB IDE from and old laptop and installed Workbench on it and thought I was brilliant. Hooking up a few Amigas over a null modem cable also brought a few mutiplayer games to the foray. Again I was just in my first job 15 years ago and wish I bought up all the Amigas I could find. That wasn’t possible considering I wanted the Blizzard 68060 and couldn’t afford it. Looking back now I wished I bought all of those Blizzards when I saw them as they are now selling for 500+ now. Hindsight is a great thing eh but truthfully I wasn’t in this game for the money but instead for the love of the machine.

Returning to the present day now. I know I have a box of Amigas (500, 600, and a few 1200s), other classic computers (C64 & Spectrums), classic consoles (Megadrive, N64, SNES (I think)) and prob a few other things in the loft of my house. I will get them all down and leave them out to acclimatise to the normal air but I have a bad feeling on the A500 and will remove its battery right away if it still has one (hope it is not a corroded mess).

My classic computer journey has just been relit for the 2nd time and I can’t wait to power on the devices and then look to upgrade my Amigas. Not sure if I will ever tower a 1200 but who knows. It’s the start of this new chapter and who knows where it leads.

Insert cassette/disk, go make a cup of tea and sit back and watch those games load!!!